Our Impact in the Community.

Partners for Community and Character (PCC) has been an integral part of the Worthington Community since 1997. Our mission is to serve as a catalyst to promote character. We envision a courageous community that inspires, exhibits and practices good character. Since our inception, we have always maintained a foothold in the Worthington Community. We would like to take this time to provide you with an update regarding our activities.


PCC supports the PCC Circle of Grandparents (COG), an outreach program to Worthington School District elementary schools. The COG is comprised of two leaders and over 80 “grandparent” volunteers from the community who work in tandem with principals and teachers to provide classroom programs based on the twelve qualities of character. Students spend time once a month thinking, talking about, and practicing the designated character trait of the month. The COG has grown steadily since its inception in 1995 with a goal of reaching all of the elementary school students in the District.



The PCC Character Essay Contest was inaugurated at the Worthington School District middle school level. Four prompts for essay topics were developed by the School Committee. The prompts are designed to encourage students to complete an essay with a focus on one of the twelve qualities of character. For the 2016-2017 school year, the goal for the PCC Character Essay Contest will be to start earlier in the school year, or even before, to allow teachers to incorporate the contest into their lesson plans for the year. Ultimately, the goal is to expand the contest into the Worthington high schools as well as to other schools in the greater community.



The Characters in Action Theater Troupe consists of high school students who create and perform skits in elementary schools. The skits illustrate problems that an elementary student may face and offer positive solutions to dealing with the problems, emphasizing the twelve character traits. After performing the skits, the high school students lead small group discussions about the topic presented. Elementary students look up to and identify with the high school students, making the program an effective vehicle for delivering the message as well as offering a leadership opportunity to the participating high school students.



During the past year PCC has reached out to the Worthington Community by hosting several “Critical Character Conversations” to discuss how character can be maintained and promoted in the Worthington Community. We have also reached out to the Worthington City Council and The Old Worthington Partnership to look for ways to increase character traits within our community.

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